The United States. The country of the brave. Now crudely known as the hub of school shootings and gun pariahs.

On February 14th, we saw yet another tragic school shooting that happened in the state of Florida. An ex-student of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida opened rounds, resulting in 17 lives of students and staff members taken by an individual who we would later come to know of suffering from a mental health issue. The suspect was a 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz. He was officially charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder on February 15th. The suspect used an AR-15 assault rifle.

Why does this keep occurring?

Gun violence in schools has long been a pervasive issue. The lack of strict Gun control law in America. High powered assault rifles are given access to purchase and strengthen background checks for firearms. Keep mentally ill people away from buying guns. Also, better training for the men/women in blue.

It would be a great one to see the NRA and the President himself finding a rational and productive solution to this issue of extreme importance. Politicians of both quarters, should keep their ego and pride for ammunitions aside and inhale the larger picture when all these tragic shootings are occurring within the USA.

Guru of Arms

Teachers packing heat? Yes, that was one of the proposals by the President. In a national “Gun Debate” in a White House room full of state Governers, the President urged them to take up his [NRA supported] idea of arming some educators.

Strapping the teachers with guns (only selected ones, the President said) is absurd and a silly resolution to the whole issue.

To the Family & Friends

I can only imagine the suffering and pain that the family members and fellow friends are going through at this very stage. But what we all can do is to advocate and demand legislative action on gun control. Not forgetting, building a better system for those who are suffering from Metal Health issues to seek help and get medicated. We will have to stick our heads together like matured adults in order to resolve issues of this caliber.

March For Our Lives

Organized by students, staff, and members of the Parkland community — March For Our Lives is scheduled for Saturday, March 24th in Washington, D.C. For more information, visit

(). Image by Sofia Sforza.