Not a spinoff of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. But, far worse than the great work of fiction (with some reference to the Biblical narrative) by C.S Lewis. If you are unaware of recent events that concerned the Pope in the media, then here is a basic rundown of what happened and what the family of the victims had to hear from their superlative figure that was verbalized.

Last week, the Pope released some controversial and damning remark towards the victims of a specific clerical sex abuse case in Chile. The Pope was seen as defending a bishop accused of covering up sexual assaults by his mentor. Instead of directing his disgust towards Bishop Juan Barros and Father Fernando Karadima, the Pope took a 360° dive into a weird cesspit and verbally accused the victims of ‘committing slander’ instead. A shameful vituperation and a major let down to Christians all over the World. Instead of being a vocalist and follower of Jesus of Nazareth, the Pope decided to go against the grain by pulverizing the weak and downtrodden. One might call it epoch-making perhaps.

“There is not one single piece of proof against him (Juan Barros). It is all slander. Is that clear?” — Pope Francis

The victims are accusing Juan Barros of covering up the crimes of his mentor, Fernando Karadima, who is considered Chile’s most revered and powerful priest. He was declared guilty by the Vatican in November 2010 of sexual abuse of minors. He was assigned or served to do a life of prayer and penance. One should be wondering by now on whether this is the harshest sentences ever given to an individual who committed sex abuse in the face of history?!?! A murderer like Charles Manson was given to do a long-long sentence. Does the Vatican have a perception that sex abuse is a ‘lite-and-minimalist crime’? You have to ask.

Not to sound like a jew, but I will offer my two-cents. The Pope should man up and act like a true vicar of Christ by being non-partisan, non-biased and not downplaying the victims. The decades of clerical sex abuse case around the World with hundreds and thousands of open, hidden and cold cases will forever be reprehensible and has tarnished the Christian portfolio. The Pope should show some shame and get down to the assignment of cleaning up the ‘Vatican & Co’.

Enough demonizing and mortifying the victims, Pope. Enough.

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