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The Human-Bear Hybrid.

Isaiah Nathanael. I go by the username of "sprybear" (an active Ursidae) on the World Wide Web — my alter ego of sorts. A proud autodidact. A dedicated, practical-thinker, bare-minimalist, self-motivated and an independent hybrid.

A cynosure on optimization, security with minimal compute resources without indulging on premium guff. I have humbly, single-handedly managed Microsoft® Windows® desktop computers and Linux machines of various distributions.

A paramour of Web Development and Design — minimalist web design, web frameworks, user interface etc. Web Development being one of my side métier. I have clocked years in designing for my personal projects. Pushed myself to build and design multiple minimalist yet professional-looking designs on the World Wide Web.

Founder of a startup company in late 2011, back when the idea of running your self-owned 'Online Business' was a thing. Initiated my painstaking, third Software-as-a-Service project in 2014 and still going strong. I upvote unique, quality startup projects on Product Hunt and BetaList. Researcher in History, Philosophy and Religion. Critical Thinker, Observer and a Secular Liberal.

Politically incorrect. I fight and support for a more transparent and accountable Government in accordance to the Rule of Law. I have an itch for Human Rights. A tad bit of Marxism (Socioeconomics). As for Religion, I say argue and debate based on (Biblical) History, Logic and Science; ridicule bad, disgusting ideas and fight against Racial, Religious bullying/persecution. Supporter of Freedom of Speech and Expression. I try my best to be unequivocal — spread the good word of critical thinking.

If you would like to get in touch or just cannot resist my sexual charisma — feel free to get in touch with me.


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