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I am Isaiah Nathanael (Ai-zai-ia Nuh-tha-nyl). If you must know, sprybear (an active ursidae) is part of my online pseudonym. Characterwise, an opinionated, introvert with a passion for Information Technology (I.T.).

As for my profession, I have clocked multiple years in the I.T. industry. As of current trade, I manage the operations [infrastructure and software applications], overlooking digital workplace services and solutions for Southeast Asia — Fortune 500.

Avidly ravenous to tinker with all branches of technology. Paramour of minimal web design, one of my side métier, just to keep the creative mind zestful.

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I was born and bred in the southern state of Johor, West Malaysia. I am now residing in the Republic of Singapore.

Ventured into technology in the mid-1990s. Started 2D gaming on an IBM machine with Microsoft Windows 3.x desktop computer. Eventually, excelled by exploring web designing, computer programming, and server administration; all through hands-on trial and error.

I was fortunate to have founded a startup company in late-2011. Iniciated my 3rd Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) project in late-2013. No rainbows and unicorns.

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Truth be told, I have an itch for Law and Human Rights. Supporter of Freedom of Speech and Expression.

A philosophile of sorts; admiring the works and sheer mental bandwidth of Plato, Aristotle, Socretes, Epicurus, and a few others.

As for religion, my stance is to argue and debate based on factual account of history, logical fallacies, and science-based corroboration. Ridicule bad, disgusting ideas, fight against racial-religious bullying and persecution. I try my level best to be unequivocal, spreading the good word of critical thinking.

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